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Australia’s only private practice focused on

traumatic injury and bereavement care.

20 years experience

20+ years experience

20 years experience

Thousands of trauma patients helped

20 years experience

We truly care about your healing

20 years experience

Recognised leaders in trauma rehabilitation

Hi, I’m Dr Martha Druery,

founder of Lumos Trauma.

I am an accredited mental health professional, trained in psychology and social work who has been helping people navigate the stark reality of their darkest times for over two decades now.

My team and I help people like you, who were living normal lives. Then one moment changed everything. You were involved in an accident where you lost the functioning body you once knew or something terrible happened to a loved one and now the life you were expecting or hoping for is gone. You no longer feel in control. We offer individually tailored care to help you release trauma and be free to live your best life.

Down-to-earth, judgement-free conversations with a real person who cares.

Down-to-earth, judgement-free conversations with a real person who cares.

You are allowed to give yourself permission to say “This is crap!”

To grieve what you have lost.

To feel sad.

To get angry.

To be struggling right now.

To accept help.

No matter what your injury or loss, you deserve support.

Even if part of you is still ok.

Even if your loved one is injured but alive.

Even if it’s been months or years since it occurred.

Our Promise

To light the way forward, towards healing and thriving in the face of adversity.

How we can help you

Traumatic Injury Counselling

We have helped thousands of regular people just like you, dealing with the aftermath of one horrible moment that has shaped their lives ever since.

Your physical injuries are tough, but it’s the way that you feel on the inside that you can’t get past. It’s making you question everything.

While time can be a good healer, it doesn’t work for everyone, and why wait? We can get your brain as well as your life back on track. To unpack and release the heaviness you’re feeling, improve your sleep problems, dial back the overwhelm, the sense that you’re not ok and find ways to rebuild and discover a new pathway towards independence, purpose, peace of mind and hope.

Bereavement Counselling

Traumatic Bereavement Counselling

Something happened to your loved one and now the life you were expecting or hoping for is gone. Your foundations feel shaky. You don’t know how to move forward without them in your life. You may even struggle to get out of bed some times and face the day.

We know you didn’t choose this loss, but we can help you to live your life in a way that you do choose and to find ‘pockets of peace’ amongst your grief. If you’re ready to explore feeling ok again, to smile or laugh again, amidst your sorrow then we are here to help you.

Services for health practitioners

We offer coaching, training, education, clinical supervision and support for health practitioners who provide care for people living through the trauma of injury, life threat or sudden loss.

Information for referrers

We accept referrals from GPs, medical specialists, health practitioners, other frontline services and insurers to provide skilled and focused care.

Our point of difference is our trauma-informed biopsychosocial approach of collaborative, evidence-based practice, actively supporting traumatic injury and bereavement adjustment in a compassionate and very human way.

Lumos Trauma

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